Brief Description: Many planets are clustered together in a galaxy of very diverse worlds. The inhabitants of each world can't leave their own world without proper resources due to the fact that they each have certain climates and tempaeratures they have to stay in to survive.

Name of Planet(s): Ursaneve (ursa-nay-veh), Sabra (sah-bruh), Illumarin, KemeRune (keh-may rune), other planets may be included.

Relevant Time Period: These planets have existed for close to only 300 years, but others have been around much longer and supplied them with technologies. If Earth had existed in this universe it would be almost a million years old.

The Planets EditEdit

Name: UrsaneveEdit

Summary: An icy planet covered in mountains, snow, and ice-covered rivers and lakes. The inhabitants include intelligent lifeforms that are almost humanlike, but covered in fur of white and grey colour. They have incredible balance and strong lungs and muscles, allowing them to easily climb the mountains that cover their planet. They also hunt for meat and eat berries that grow naturally on Ursaneve. Many furry and smart animals also inhabit this planet, some with the ability to fly and run fast.

Terrain(s): Mountainous with lots of snow and ice, has plenty of freshwater but oceans are not very large.

Name: SabraEdit

Summary: A world with an extremely hot climate and deserts along with jungles, this planet also has larger oceans and plenty of plants. The wildlife includes animals relative to Earth's with monkey-like beings and lots of bugs. The planet's intelligent lifeforms include a jungle people that use leaves to camoflauge themselves among the trees, they live in treehouses high above the ground. These people resemble beetles in their ability to fly with wings on their backs. They are very aggresive. Desert beings also thrive in cities created underground through tunneling systems. They camoflauge well in sand and can see well in darkness. They are afraid of the jungle beings and tend to keep away, staying underground except for at night when they hunt for bugs and plants for food.

Terrain: This planet is covered in sand and jungles, but also includes oceans and a few small freshwater sources.

Name: IllumarinEdit

Summary: A planet completely covered in water, the only land are tiny islands that float on top of the oceans, uninhabited. The life of the planet includes only oceanic creatures. The oceans of this planet go further down than almost any other planet, since this planet is so large. Creatures dwell in the depths of this ocean, huge and frightening, they eat both plants and each other. Intelligent species include creatures that dwell on the ocean floor, having created building from rock and sands. Each has lights on themselves to keep their surroundings lit. Other creatures tend to eat these people. Another intelligent life include creatures that live near the surface, using sunlight for energy like plants, they eat plankton and other small creatures.

Terrain: This planet is covered in oceans almost completely with underwater mountains and volcanoes deep below the surface. A very dangerous planet.

Name: KemeRuneEdit

Summary: A mystic planet with dark black grounds with bright purple, glowing rocks, along with other, less common colours. The beings of this planet are extremely quiet, and some say that being here can drive one mad. It is said that some of the life have the ability of invisibilty and they whisper to each other, quietly. This planet is also dangerous and it is said once one lands, they'll never return. Not much else is known about KemeRune.

Terrain: KemeRune is a mostly flat planet with black land and rocks and plants that glow. Dark forests with trees that have blood-red leaves also thrive on this planet.

Details (Optional)EditEdit

Intelligent Species:Edit

Ursaneve - Heips, possible others

Sabra - Beazens (beetle-like people), Maufils (sand-digger people)

Illumarin - Glogoks (deep-ocean people), Wasuuns (surface people)

KemeRune - Deakod (invisible people), Veris (small, elf-like creatures, experts at staying hidden)


Ursaneve - Heating systems and some electrical ability, healing and medicinal.

Sabra - Digging and building abilities, not very medically advanced, no technology/computers.

Illumarin - Lighting abilities, structural, communications.

KemeRune - Communications, lights, hiding, fighting.


Ursaneve: Heip government is based on how one is born, certain Heip qualities that are present at birth and not much related to genetics are what decide their futures in jobs for the group. Leaders are always the largest Heip of their generations, usually around 8-9 feet tall.

Sabra: Beazen government includes a democratic sort of system with a tribe "elder." Maufils have a queen almost like ants who is the birth-giver and rules until she dies, in which case a new queen is chosen. Queens live much longer than the average Maufil.

Illumarin: Glogoks choose leaders through light colours, the leader's colour changes every time a new one is to be chosen (every 10 or so years on Illumarin - 50 Earth years), the colour cycle repeats and the leaders usually shine brightest of all Glogoks. The Wasuun do not have much of a government, only floating on the water's surface and respecting and sharing food with each other. There are no rules for Wasuuns, but some respected authoritive figures do exist in small communities.

KemeRune: The Deakod people are extremely violent and do not usually associate with many more than 2 or 3 others, they are very secretive and sly, dangerous beings. The Veris, however are extremely kind and have a monarchy sort of government with a leader who is born into their leadership. They keep hidden from the Deadok extremely well.

Flora and Fauna:


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