The Cosmos is the centre of the universe, an area which has been long since abandoned. A collection of empty stars swept away from The Core, into nothing, forever. Stars within The Cosmos are often treasured for their rare minerals and materials. The Ravens have attempted to take back this sector of the universe, but hopelessly failed.

Notable EventsEdit

In 3066, the planets were thriving, full of life. However, a natural disaster caused by Comet Starbreezer resulted in these planets getting knocked out of orbit, which left the planet in an unsustainable environment.

The survivors began to rebuild the community, and the planets were restored. However, years later, signals stopped being transmitted from these planets, and searches have come back negative. It is unknown were the survivors are currently situated, it is said they were brought down by radiation poisoning.


The current ownership of this sector is unknown, likely that it's been completely abandoned and is to be stripped of these materials. The Reapers have tried to push-in, but they disappear when nearing the vicinity of the area.

Inhabited PlanetsEdit