The Slums is the poorest sector in the Reaper Universe, led by Freedom.


There used to be a time when all sectors and planets were treated equally. Then the Eclipse (aka The Capital) saw that the inhabitants were attempting to stir conflict with The Core. They had to act quickly, so they sealed off the slums from the rest of the world. This resulted in the sector falling into poverty with the population and living conditions falling.


Most of the inhabitants have resorted to illegal activity, just to receive scraps of money thrown down from the few rich inhabitants of the slums. Many have tried, and succeeded to escape from the slums, but then hunted down by the capital and silenced. The capitol attempts to ensure no-one escapes the slums, for fear of war. This sector is owned by Kamikaze's and Freedom's rebel group.

Notable PeopleEdit

  • Freedom - Leader
  • Kamikaze - Rebel
  • Skeleton - Our Hero

The StoryEdit

This episode of the Reapers Universe sees Skeleton attempting escape from The Slums, to escape mass poverty and rise against the punishing Raptors. For more, see Raptor Universe: Episode 1!